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Wedding Venue Selection: What You Should Be Looking At

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Finding the perfect place to exchange your marriage vows is a huge deal. Not only will it set the tone of the occasion but it will also cost you a pretty penny. It’s going to be the first major decision you’ll make in your event planning and so should never be taken lightly. But you might be wondering how you can possibly find the best wedding venues for your needs.

Here is a list of things that you should carefully consider to narrow down your options until you zero in on ‘the one’.

Functional Spaces

There should be specific areas where people can dance, socialise, drink, and eat. During the ocular inspection, imagine where each activity will occur especially if the nuptials will also be held there. Is the room too tiny to divide into sections? You may end up feeling like sardines. Does it have a weird layout? This may affect the flow of foot traffic. Take note of columns and other obstructions in both expensive and cheap wedding function venues as well.

Nice Acoustics

When a place makes sounds echo too much, the band or host may have some weird reverb during the party. Your guests might also have a hard time trying to hear each other talking. Wooden flooring tends to boost sounds while carpeting represses them. Check out the sound quality during an actual event with permission from the provider. The best wedding venues can make 14-piece orchestras and jazz combos seem like they’re holding a professional concert.

Breathtaking Views

What will people first see when they step into the venue? Be it rolling mountains or lush gardens, locations with great scenery are often a good choice. You get plus points for places that also feature architectural details and intricate decor. With the Dandenong Ranges function venues from SkyHigh, you might not get the latter but you will have floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the whole of Melbourne so they get a big fat check for the view.

Matching Palette

If you have a specific motif in mind, check that the existing decor in the location will not clash with it. The place doesn’t have to have the exact same hues as what you have planned but they should at least complement them. You’ll find that the best wedding venues are often done in neutral shades so they go well with almost any theme. Your caterer or decorator can just arrange props and details that follow the colour palette you’ve settled on.

Backup Options

As someone who’s about to get married, you’ll want to hope for the best for your big day but the weather isn’t something you can control. An open-air event sounds great yet you should always have a plan B should some rain decide to show up. Some wedding reception packages will offer you an outdoor tent while others will allow you to use an alternative indoor space. Consult with the provider to know which contingency plans are available.

For many people, their wedding happens only once-in-a-lifetime. If you’re among these, you’ll want to pick the perfect location the first time around. Be sure to include the above factors in your checklist of important considerations. For more information, visit their website at: