Commercial Cleaning – A Quite Responsible Job

Recently, a commercial cleaner named Cassandra Nicole Cooney of Queensland was fined $5000 for not being able to provide services despite charging the customers. Her customers paid her in advance for cleaning, but she never turned up. Commercial cleaning job is not so easy to tackle if one is not sincere. Not only that, Commercial Cleaners in Gold Coast market has today cannot be a crew of non-performers. Read on to know more about them.

Further, rules and instructions are sometimes misused by commercial cleaners Gold Coast market has today.

Commercial Cleaning Needs in Gold Coast

With the increase in population in Gold Coast, the number of tenants has gone up. As per the instructions from most of the rental real estate agencies, tenants may need to pay an amount of $300 for cleaning domestic properties. If they pay, need the services as well. But tenants can choose postponing or advancing the cleaning appointment if they are unavailable. Of course, they are charged with cancellation fees.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

There are companies that provide cleaning services to corporations, organisations and business firms and earn through these contracting works. They have teams that are employed to do the cleaning job at their customers’ locations.

These companies use several cleaning methods and equipment. Cleaning work includes interior as well as exterior of the premises. Cleaning of the interiors includes activities such as cleaning of the phones, wiping of the fans, carpet vacuuming on a regular basis, providing better and clean sanitary facilities, also cleaning facilities, keeping the kitchen area as well as dining area clean, taking care of feminine hygiene facilities and so on. Cleaning of the exteriors includes services such as cleaning the garden parking lot, exterior glasses, garbage picking and so on.

Who are the Commercial Cleaners

Since this job could be a less paying job, finding skilled people is a challenge. Besides, loyalty for long-term association of cleaners with the companies is rare. They switch their job wherever they get paid more. They are known as “janitors”, custodians or even day porters.

Who are their Customers

Their customers are mainly shops, organisations, schools, warehouses, showrooms and factories, restaurants, function centres, hospitals and medical facilities as well as domestic properties. Government facilities also sometimes opt for such agencies, which provide commercial cleaning services.

Gold Coast Commercial Cleaners

There are several reliable companies that provide loyal and efficientcommercial cleaners Gold Coast wide.

As they claim, cleaning service is an art. One has to provide best quality work, which includes cleaning techniques as well as chemical applications. You would find plenty of such companies online or through the word of mouth. They provide services tailored as per customers’ requirements and predilections.

These companies provide on-job training to their all new employees. One would not find any tertiary based training in this cleaning industry. They do a thorough criminal background check while hiring any new employee. These companies take extra care for not using any harmful chemicals during the cleaning services being provided.


Clean environment is everyone’s need, be it inside your house or office or the outside. If you need a helping hand, all you need to do is look for a reliable company or agency that provides commercial cleaning services near your locality at the cost that you can afford to pay.